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Our next meeting is on 4th February 2019, 7:30pm at the New House Country Hotel with speakers Rich Waterman and Jermaine Harris.

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Rich’s topic is Be the Difference Today, cracking the code of contribution.

Rich says “From July 23rd 2014 onwards my world was never the same again. I learned a fundamental message about the power of contribution. I learned the importance of choosing to “be the difference”. I want to share that message with you:”What if the next conversation you had was a life changing one?

What if the next decision you made impacted on thousands of people?

We talk about making a difference but what is the recipe for doing that?

What are we meant to do?

What if it wasn’t what you had done but it was how you were?

How you ARE right now? How you choose to be…

What if you were the difference for someone today?

What would be different? For you, your loved ones and your community.

What could be possible from that space?

Jermaine Harris’s topic is How a Toddler Taught me the key to Success and Happiness.

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It took a major car accident – and then one year later nearly having his leg amputated – to turn Jermaine Harris’ life around.

Prior to this, Jermaine had been living a self-destructive lifestyle of excessive drinking, over-eating and gambling. At times, he drank as many as 24 bottles of wine and vodka per week, was in nightclubs 6 nights of the week, and was extremely unhealthy.

Since then, Jermaine, who has a Sports Psychology BSc (Hons) and MSc (Dist), has read over 400 self-help and business books in the space of 4 years and left behind his destructive lifestyle. In this time; Jermaine got out of debt, lost a stone of Body Fat, put on 10 Pounds of Muscle, cured himself of asthma, ran a Half Marathon and the London Marathon, started a Business, wrote a book, became an award winning speaker, met the woman of his dreams and is now a father.

Jermaine is now a firewalk instructor, the Leading of provider of Empowerment Training in the Care Sector in the UK and is the founder of ‘The Child HAPPINESS Programme’ which is a Personal Development Programme for 5-14 year olds consisting of 2 live events either side of a 90 day online course.

Overcoming, further adversity, Jermaine is a keen fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust after his son was diagnosed with the condition at 4 weeks old in 2015.

Jermaine, who is based in Cardiff, has condensed his experience and wisdom into his book ‘THE RUT BUSTER: The Secrets to Taking Control of Your Body, Money, Career and Life’

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