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Our next meeting is on 19th November 2018, 7:30pm at the new House Country Hotel with speaker Oscar van Rooij and his topic is “Change the Meaning, Change Your Life”

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“The meaning we give to events will fuel our beliefs, our emotions, which will impact our actions and therefore our results. Is this end or the beginning, are you a victim or a victor? By getting in the drivers seat of our meanings, we take control again of our destination.”  Oscar van Rooij 

In his talk “Change the Meaning, Change Your Life”, Oscar will take you on a journey where you will:

  • understand how your beliefs impact your results
  • create a success formula for creating the results you deserve
  • get back in the drivers seat

Oscar is an international speaker, facilitator, mentor, coach and Tony Robbins trainer. Oscar is working together with different organisations creating a change in companies, schools and individuals through delivering impactful and engaging events, training and coaching.


“If you want energy, engagement, enthusiasm and a guaranteed ‘take away’ by a group of delegates then Oscar is the person to stand at the front. He brings with him a presence that fills any room. As a result he has an innate ability to bring an audience along on any learning journey. Truly a skilful man.”

Paul Siaens, Graduate Resourcing and Development Partner at First Group plc.

“Wow!” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Oscar. Working with him is inspirational! It is one thing having skills, knowledge, energy, but it’s totally a different thing to be able to transfer what you have to others. Oscar is uniquely talented about connecting with people, seeing what they really need, where the pitfalls might occur. Any individual or team would be very lucky to have Oscar as a coach, and I find myself one of the luckiest among those people who had the chance.

Demet Erden, Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Africa, Imperial Brands

“Oscar has the rare ability to consistently inspire others. He helps people adapt their approach during periods of change and encourages them to want to raise their game. He has a passion for helping others tap into more of their potential, and feel better about themselves as they do it. A confident and gifted speaker.”

Kieron Penrose, owner Penrose associates

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Ken Abram

Chair Yes Group Cardiff


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