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Personal Development in Wales

Yes Groups have hundreds of members around the UK, US, Ireland and Belgium.

Each YES Group follows roughly the same format and secures compelling speakers for each meeting.

The YES Group is the ultimate peer group. What would happen if you found a group of people who were all constantly seeking to improve their lives while simultaneously working to improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet?

Come to our next meeting to find out what it is all about. You will be pleasantly surprised. The YES Group helps people achieve their ambitions, enjoy their lives and get more out of life.

“The Quality of your life is equal to the quality of your peer groups” – Anthony Robbins

The Joining Fee is £25 plus £62 pa for new members. Annual fee includes refreshments at each Yes Group meeting. Please make cheque payable for first years joining fee and membership to the New House Country Hotel for £87 and send to:- Yes Group Cardiff C/O K. Abram 41 Avonridge, Thornhill, Cardiff CF14 9AU.

What is the Yes Group Cardiff?

Yes Group Cardiff is Wales YES group. The first Yes Group in the UK was established in London. The YES group evolved as a result of several people attending the Anthony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within event (UPW). They decided to meet on a regular basis to help each other live and breathe the Unlimited Power philosophy.

Yes Group Cardiff developed to achieve similar aims. We too want to reinforce and live the philosophies expressed at the UPW events. The group started in February 2000 after Ken Abram returned from Date with Destiny in Florida, Yes Group Cardiff provides a more convenient venue for those who live in Wales and the S. West. There are a number of Yes Groups throughout the UK including Yes Group Bristol. Look at the affiliated Yes Groups click here

Inspired by a Legend in Personal Transformation Tony Robbins

Yes Groups & associated Power Teams are premier events organisations and dynamic communities originally developed by graduates of Anthony Robbins seminars.

Tony advocates that you need to create a “Seventh Power” — a group of people you trust implicitly; who believe in you and help you to continuously set higher standards for yourself whilst supporting you exactly where you are currently.

Who is your Seventh Power? Who is daily asking you higher quality questions? It is sometimes easy to rest on our laurels, become comfortable and complacent. Find and surround yourself with those whose positive attitude constantly elevates you to a higher level, and whose questions consistently help you to achieve a higher level of success. These people will honour and celebrate your accomplishments, and challenge you to continually raise the bar for more future success.
For over 15 years, Yes Groups have created a vibrant Seventh Power environment, and promote the personal development /wellbeing industry as a whole. Each group is individually run on a voluntary basis by its local leadership team. Although inspired by Anthony Robbins, Yes Groups have no formal or commercial links with his organisation.

Yes Groups attract some of the best contemporary public speakers in the fields of personal and professional development.

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