May 6th 2013 Next Yes Group Cardiff Meeting

Next Yes Group Cardiff meeting is 6th May 2013 with Benjamin Leppier his topic is:-

The Secrets of Self Mastery and your path to Success

7:30pm at New House Country Hotel Thornhill Cardiff CF14 9UA

Our guest speaker for May is Benjamin Leppier, author of the Naked Warrior, founder of the League of Warriors Programme and owner of a Lease & Lease Option Portfolio.

Benjamin Leppier

Benjamin Leppier

Ben was an Engineer in the past and worked a 9-5 job for 10 years, when he was sacked from his old job for doing too much property work in company time. He had a modest amount of business experience, so was very wet behind the ears and he would find out how challenging the real world could be very shortly.

So he and his business partner embarked on a full time property journey, with £50 per month income from property and £14K in the bank. The journey only really started when he ran out of money and needed a magic pill to make money as quickly as possible through property, so rent2multilet properties made sense.

Ben replaced his income within 12 months and whilst systemising himself out of his role within his business, he began to take full time to mentoring others who wanted to know more. As a result of this mentoring it soon became obvious that people needed more time and support to push through their self imposed limits to help get them to where they wanted to go. Also the things that actually stopped people from achieving results had very little to do with strategy.

He is the expert in personal development & weeding out the cr*p that holds you back. He is a father to Florence and fiance to Kerry and dedicates his time to the League of Warriors programme to support entrepreneurs and experienced investors, smash through plateaus or take things up to the next level.

In the May event Ben will be sharing his journey, how to make property work for you in rapid fire style and how to access the things that are really hold you back on maximising your results for 2013.

Benjamin Leppier

Benjamin Leppier

Resources: (free video and book download)
What you will learn:
The common challenges that all successful people have
The challenges that everyone has
The traits of a Warrior (Honesty, Vulnerability, Courage)
How to overcome your biggest obstacles
Why Masterminding is so powerful
The findings from the League of Warriors Programme
Leave the event feeling ready to tackle anything, even the deepest darkest stuff that no one else wants to talk about!
Benjamin Leppier
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