Personal Development in Wales

Welcome to Yes Group Cardiff.

Our mission is to inspire, empower & support people in pursuing their personal growth and in making a positive difference.

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Back in 2000 when Ken Abram and Giovanni Malacrino decided to start a YES Group in Cardiff, they wanted to create a group of like-minded people, they decided to carry the lessons and momentum they had experienced at Tony Robbins events.

Founders of Yes Group Cardiff
Ken Abram and Giovanni Malacrino

Inspired by a Legend in Personal Transformation – Anthony Robbins

Yes Groups and associated Power Teams are dynamic communities originally developed by graduates of Anthony Robbins seminars.

Tony advocates that you need to create a “Seventh Power” – a group of people you trust implicitly; who believe in you and help you to continuously set higher standards for yourself whilst supporting you exactly where you are currently.

Who is your Seventh Power? Who is daily asking you higher quality questions? It is sometimes easy to rest on our laurels, become comfortable and complacent. Find and surround yourself with those whose positive attitude constantly elevates you to a higher level, and whose questions consistently help you to achieve a higher level of success. These people will honour and celebrate your accomplishments, and challenge you to continually raise the bar for more future success.

For 20 years, Yes Groups have created a vibrant Seventh Power environment, and promote the personal development /wellbeing industry as a whole. Each group is individually run on a voluntary basis by its local leadership team.

Yes Groups attract some of the best contemporary public speakers in the fields of personal and professional development.

Although inspired by Anthony Robbins, Yes Groups have no formal or commercial links with his organisations. Most of us would however recommend that you look up Tony on the Anthony Robbins website. And in appreciation of his work we present below a video of Tony speaking at TED where he conveys his core teachings at lightening speed, finishing with a high five with ex US President elect Al Gore.